Plumber Chiseled Concrete Slab ???
Posted by Michael Roback on December 05, 1999 at 01:06:33:
My wife had a plumber come out to snake out a "clean out" that runs from our washing machine room through a bathroom and when the washer would empty out it would flood out of the shower stall and toilet in the bathroom.

Problem was that the plumber apparently could not the the "clean out" bolt out of the wall and so he cut the old one off. He apparently had a hard time getting the new one on as the bolt is very close to the floor (concrete slab). Here is what I am freaking out about!!! The plumber chiseled out about a 1/2 inch notch in the concrete slab below the bolt to make it easier to get around it with a wrench if it needs to be removed again I suppose. It apparently went on without doing this before but probably was a pain to put it on. From what I understand, one should NEVER chisel directly on a concrete slab. Should I fill it and if so with what? Can this damage the integrity of the floor? Or is th is normal and should I leave it. I don't want it to erode in any way. This floor does get some moisture intrusion as this concrete slab sits directly on dirt and it sits on a hill! Is this something to worry about? Is this normal for a plumber to do this?

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