creaky shower pan
Posted by Brian Peppel on December 04, 1999 at 15:38:20:
Help, I installed a 36" square fiber glass (plastic?) shower pan. It sits in a mortar bed. Mortar on 3/4"
plywood sub floor, nailed and glued.

When I installed it I didn't run the mortar all the way to the edge of the rough opening for the drain.
I was afraid of the mortar running into the ceiling cavity below.
The mortar is about 1 - 2 inches away from the drain hole.

The problem I have is there is a bit of give when someone walks in the shower. Not very much,
maybe 1/8" play at most. It does creak though. Kind of like an old creaky wood floor.

I looked below where I have an access panel. I tried to wedge some shims but don't really have enough
room to maneuver.

My question. Can I try to squirt some construction adhesive under the pan? What about some of that
expanding (Or non expanding) foam in a can?

I don't think the play will cause any long term problems, its really just the annoying creak when I

The bathroom is complete and resetting the pan is not an option, i will live with the creak if that is my
only resolution.

Please RSVP to group and e-mail

-Brian P.

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