Re: water hammer - why air in pipes?
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 04, 1999 at 03:55:52:
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: I have water hammer and I am trying to understand it better. Thanks to those who have helped me already.
: I have reviewed everything I can find on water hammer including the last two years of this wonderful site.

: My 2 questions are:

: if water hammer is caused by air trapped in the pipes, how does the air get there? I know when repairs are done, air will be in the pipes until it is expelled through a faucet valve or whatever. After that, shouldn't the system stay closed with no air getting in?

: Could I have some problem which is causing air to get into the plumbing system?

: I am working with the plumbing contractor who built my home. We have already added arrestors and a new pressure reducer valve. I still have water hammer.

: We still need to check the for faulty washers.

: Thanks,

: Debbie
Debbie, I would check the pressure after the prv to see if your pressure is below 80lbs. Does it hammer no matter what fixture you are useing? Is the plumber useing a manufactured arrestor or is he makeing his own?You may not have the arrestors installed in the right places. At the wash machine and the stools. These arrestors should be near the fixtures. Again i would check to see if the prv is set right. Check the pressure at your hrdrant. Dale Peck LMP

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