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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 04, 1999 at 03:41:21:
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: I recentely replaced my cold water holding tank and lines along with the pressure switch. Now I seem to have
: air in my lines. When I run the water or flush the toilets the water runs but also spits air.. I replaced the pressure
: switch with a 20/40 and released the pressure to 18 lbs.. I do think I had a 30/50 switch on the old tank and that
: called for 28lbs.. could the lower switch be causing my problem. Also where would I find a valve on the tank to purge
: air from my lines. All I can find is the release valve for the bladder pressure.

Bonnie, you may have other problems causeing that air. You may be running out of water in the well or you may have a leak in the suction line. I would have this checked out by a well expert or a licenced master plumber.Don't let the air out of you air valve on the tank.It should be precharged to 28 lbs.for a 30/50 switch.There is no purging of air on a domestic water system. Dale Peck LMP

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