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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 04, 1999 at 03:35:01:
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: I live on top of a mountain and under certain conditions, usually unseasonably warm fall and winter days, the gases vented through the roof seem to settle onto my back deck. There is no smell whatsoever in the house or attic. I have been told that certain atmospheric conditions together with wind direction from the opposite side of the house can drive these gases downward. If this is so, what can be done about it? extend the vent pipe upward? install a fan? What else might be the cause, e.g., a problem in the septic system?

James, Check the inlet to your tank. It should have 90 degree elbow on it. It may have a tee as it lets the tank get vented from your vent stack. A 90 and a piece of pipe down into the tank will help get rid of the sewer odercomeing back to the house. Also useing a little bio-clean in the house drains elemanates a lot of oders. Lastly you can put a filter in your vent stack to prevent this oder.Dale peck LMP

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