Re: Frozen pipe
Posted by Curt on December 02, 1999 at 17:19:51:
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: I recently had a re-plumb of my home, and the pipe was run in the attic due to the fact that my home's
: foundation is concrete slab...... The pipe was insulated according to code for my area, but on the first
: cold night this season I had a line freeze. I live in the Baltimore metro region of Maryland. What can be done
: to insure this will not happen again?

I'm suprised it froze that quickly. See what insulation is on the pipe. All foam pipe insulations are not created equal. There is the cheap stuff, usually pink, white, or grey, and the good stuff that is black neoprene (neoprene-like?). I can't remember any of the trade names. Call a plumbing supplier, get the thickest they stock for you pipe diameter. Put this on the pipe in the attic, and I doubt you would have much trouble in Maryland.

: Any ideas would be greatly appreciated......

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