Uneven Toilet Flange
Posted by Steven M. Scharf on December 01, 1999 at 14:06:52:
In a house we bought after a few months we noticed
a water stain forming under the linoleum. We called
the home warranty company who sent out Rescue Rooter.

The 'plumber' stated that the toilet was leaking
because the cast iron flange was not level, and
claimed (naturally) that this was a pre-existing
condition even though it wasn't leaking before.
He said that replacing the wax seal would not fix
the problem permanently.

He stated that we must tear up the floor in two
bathrooms (it's a Y section of pipe going to a toilet
on the other side), tear out the wall between the two
bathrooms, and replace the pipe.

Are there any alternatives to this much work? The
flange is only about 3/8" difference between the
high side and the low side.

In the meantime he inserted some 1/4" shims under the
front of the toilet to make it match the flange tilt
(he also did something to the toilet so now it leaks
between the tank and the bowl where it never leaked
before!), but at least he replaced the toilet which
the home warranty company said they wouldn't pay for).

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