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Posted by Moore on December 01, 1999 at 03:51:39:
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If the wallpaper is to be applied to an area that gets lots of moisture (like where the steam rises to from a hot shower) then the steam introduces too much water vapor to the glue backing on the wallpaper and causes it to sag and fall. If it isn't steam then look closely at the surface you are applying the wallpaper to. Is it smooth? so smooth and slippery that the wallpaper adhesive can't bind to it? if its tthat smooth, roughen the surface a little bit with a fine sandpaper, wipe the sanded dust with a lint free cloth and try again. It might actually be that the glue on the back of the wallpaper is too thin, and doesn't have enough sticktoitiveness. You can use a spray adhesive in a can. Spray the surface, let it get a little tacky and then stick the wallpaper to it. Temperature differential can cause the wall to sweat as a condensate such as when its cold outside and so the wall inside is cold too, then the bathroom gets used and gets warmer than the cold wall, and drops of condensate bead against the area, and the wallpaperpaste won't stick. The issue is adhesive. gotta get some.

Merry Christmas

: I purchased wallpaper, followed directions exactly yet it wont stay up. Do i need a special kind of wallpaper?

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