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Posted by Moore on December 01, 1999 at 03:37:02:
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Looks like you've been waiting a while for help! Look closely at the drain or the tub vent to try to read the name of the manufacturer of the drain operator, Is it Moen? American Standard? Price Pfister? can't make it out? Put a piece of paper on in (when its dry) and make a pencil etching of it, then look at the manufacturer's logos on Terrys shopping page, and see if you can match it up. Cant match it? take your etching to the plumbing supply house and discover who the manufacturer is. Contact the manufacturer's web page and tell them you are unhappy with their product and you want satisfaction. Tell them you had a posting on Terry Loves web page, and that Terry Love was invited to Bill Gates house! You'll get action. You go Girl!

: Help! I have two tub/shower combos with the type of drain plug you push once to close and pust the plug
: again to open. I hate them. For one thing they won't hold the water in the tub, and now I can't figure out how
: to get them out of the drain hole to replace them with something else. Any ideas?

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