Re: mainline backup debris unhealthy?
Posted by Moore on December 01, 1999 at 03:25:03:
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Your mainline backs up because there are tree roots growing on the inside of the sewer line, and the larger amounts of water you flush down also carry toilet paper, feces, and waste material that gets tangled in the roots. Call Roto Rooter and have the main line rooted out, and ask them to check the area that overflows. The raw sewage debris is mostly water and urine, though isf you see feces floating in the raw sewage then the high liklihood of bacterial infection, staph infection, or hydrogen sulfide gasses are present. The liklihood is high that at the area of the dirt foundation there is a sewer cleanout that has had the cap removed, and allows the water to erupt. Ask Roto Rooter to look see if there is a cleanout there, and if the cap is missing. If so replace it, and then spread lime upon the spill area, and keep the kids away and the pets away. Pets are attracted to the odor and fecal material. they'll mess with the mess, and then guess who they'll want to come to kiss?

: A couple of times a year our mainline backs up. During the most recent episode we discovered that we have a lot of debris, raw sewerage, puddles, etc. on the dirt floor of our raised foundation. In short -- it's a total mess! We've been given a very expensive estimate to clean this all up. Does this debris present a potential health hazard for my family. Is it essential that it be cleaned up - at any cost?

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