Re: rerouting plumbing lines in slab foundation
Posted by Moore on December 01, 1999 at 03:12:28:
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Yes the slab can be opened and the piping rerouted. Any distance can be opened, you can put the plumbing in the middle of the room in an island if you want to. The srtuctural ability of the slab to stay efficient years down the road depends upon the quality of soil compaction and concrete reinforcement that goes into the replacement of the concrete when the piping is rerouted. The house may have a four inch slab with 20thousand pound per square foot concrete mix in place, and you can replace it with the same mixture or even stronger if you'd care to. Contact a LICENSED plumber to estimate the installation for you and check what the distances you are looking for will do to impact the foundation.
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: I would like to have my kitchen remodeled but I have a waste pipe and my water lines both coming up through a slab foundation. can the foundation be opened up to rerout the pipes without causing any problems with the foundation years from now? how far in from the outside edge of the foundation would be safe? any help in this area would be great thank you for your time

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