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Posted by Moore on December 01, 1999 at 03:04:10:
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Look at the bottom of Terry Loves web page to October and September questions to get more information about the problem thats driving you nuts. The water hammer is caused by air trapped in the piping system that slams against the valves at high pressure when you close them. The pipes (and therefore the valves) should have no air, and only water in the pipes. When you close the valves, the water is squeezed off at a slower rate, and doesn't hammer shut. Entrapped air acts as a harder faster closing pressure with no water cushion to quiet the hammer. Try turning the pressure down at the offending washing machine (the valves don't need to be all the way open, turn them closed, then only open them a quarter turn, operate the washer and see if the noise goes away. If so open the valve a quarter turn more and see if the noise is still gone. When the noise returns, the pressure is too high. Merry Christmas!

: : Debbie,
: : Have you checked the water pressure of the home? It should be 80 PSI or less. If more than this, a pressure reducer should be installed on the main line. Terry

: : : I have water hammer from my washing machine. A plumber installed two Apache water hammer arrestors on the hot and cold lines. however, it has not made a difference. Any reasons why?

: : : I do have water hammer from a nearby bathroom tub too. We haven't tackle that problem yet.

: : : This problem is driving me crazy. Please please give me your thoughts.

: : : Debbie Salierno

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