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Posted by Moore on December 01, 1999 at 02:47:12:
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The easiest way is to call Roto Rooter and have the soil stack in the roof get a roto snake and root cutter placed inside, then listen for the noise it makes as it rattles down the mainline and as it then exits the house. You'll hear it outside under the soil as it travels toward the septic tank, and then enters the tank at the septic ell. There is another way, and that is to place a fish tape with a transmitter on the tape into the sewer line, and use a receiver to catch the transmission as it is sent from the inside of the pipe to the surface of the soil. There is another way, if you have a general idea where the sewer main exits the house you can probe through the soil down with a five or six foot long piece of quarter inch or 3/8 allthread rod into the soil till you contact something solid. Wiggle the end against the solid obstruction, and if it is red clay pipe, you'll see red clay deposits on the end of your probe. Repeat every two feet. Saves a lot of holes dug that way. There is another way. Call your local LICENSED septic tank pumping company and ask if they have a record of pumping your tank, and if not, who is another pumper in the area who might?

: I need to locate the main drainage line from my house to my septic system. How can one find out this information without digging up large holes with lots of hope??

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