Re: why doesn't arrestor work?
Posted by Debbie Salierno on November 30, 1999 at 14:17:48:
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: Debbie,
: Have you checked the water pressure of the home? It should be 80 PSI or less. If more than this, a pressure reducer should be installed on the main line. Terry

: : I have water hammer from my washing machine. A plumber installed two Apache water hammer arrestors on the hot and cold lines. however, it has not made a difference. Any reasons why?

: : I do have water hammer from a nearby bathroom tub too. We haven't tackle that problem yet.

: : This problem is driving me crazy. Please please give me your thoughts.

: : Debbie Salierno

Hi Terry,

The plumber installed a new heavy duty Wilkins Water Reducer Valve 3 weeks ago, and set it to 60 PSI. At the same time he installed the water hammer arrestors on the hot and cold water lines to the washing machine. The washing machine (and other fixtures in a nearby bathroom) still hammer.

We have checked the water pressure several times, and the PSI has not been over 60.

My feeling is that I may need to open up some walls and strap the pipes down better to solve this problem.

Do you know of anything else to do?


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