Toilet Tank-Bowl Leak
Posted by Don Murphy on November 28, 1999 at 17:01:54:
My Kohler toilet (1959 model) began leaking between the tank and bowl only when flushed.
The spud nut was loose so I tightened it by hand, then re-installed the tank with the old gasket.
The leak continued.
I purchased a new spud gasket and installed it with the spud nut tightened by hand again.
Leak continued. I was able to tighten the nut a little more makeshift tool, but leak continues.
Should I buy a spud wrench to get the spud nut as tight as possible or should I apply some
grease or other sealant to the spud gasket to make it seal? Is it possible to put the spud nut on
before the gasket, or does a gasket recessed to fit over the nut exist?

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