Clogged/Leaking(?) Sewer Pipe
Posted by Robert Montgomery on November 24, 1999 at 17:07:44:
I have 75 y.o. house in Denver. The kitchen sink drain ( 2-3 in.) drops ~ 8 ft down to the basement, then
exits to the outside underground. Just recently after running the water in the sink for ~3-5 min, the water
backed up into the sink, then slowly drained down. The water does not back up with "normal" dish
washing. I was able to insert a snake (access under the sink) ~15-20 ft and found no clog. About a
day or two later, I started noticing that the ground was moist about 4 ft from the house in the area where
the drain pipe exits. There is a dishwasher which is connected to this kitchen sink drain, and after
running a load of dishes, I went outside as the dishwasher was draining and watched the water percolate
up from the ground and form a small puddle at the before mentioned moist area. It seems pretty clear
there is both a leaking pipe and probably a clog too. I would like to know if should get a longer and
heavier duty snake to try to clear any clog? If I do clear a clog and don't have percolating water any
more, will I still have a leaking pipe, just a smaller leak? Is it likely that I will have to dig up the pipe,
given the percolating water, no matter what happens with trying ro resnake? Thanks for your help.

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