Re: Water Heater drain line?
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on November 23, 1999 at 18:22:51:
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: Hi,

: I'm about to have an old gas water heater replaced in my recently-purchased house, and the existing water heater has a drain line from the pressure relief valve to the outside of the house.

: When the new one is installed, is this line really necessary? Seems to me that you'd want to have it drain to a point inside (having a drain pan underneath) so you can see a problem before it worsens.

: Any thoughts?

Kevin, The safty releif valve pipe is to be piped out of the water heater and down to the floor, about 6-12in off the floor. In comercial installations where there is no floor drain available it is piped to the outside as it is now. Your code may require a residential heater to be piped the same way as long as there is no sump or floor drain availble. If you put a drain pan under the heater (required for second floor installations you will have to pipe the drain pan to a floor drain or to a sump pump or to the outside.hope this helps. Dale Peck LMP

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