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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on November 22, 1999 at 19:46:58:
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: HELP! Our water pressure is very bad. We have a well with a filter system to remove iron, a holding tank to remove the sulfer odor that is located a good ways from the house. We recently installed a pressure tank under the house in hopes of increasing the pressure in the house. WHAT CAN WE DO???????? I appreciate any help on this.

Julia, Try and change the filter first. Now if you installed a pressure tank under the house the pressure switch must be next to it to work properly. also put a new pressure guage on the pump and set up a pressure guage so you can screw it on your outside hose bib. If you see a difference then other things may have to be checked. You can also raise the air pressure in your pressure tank and adjust your pressure switch for this added air pressure. Ex...40lbs air in tank ..set pressure switch to 38lbs on and 58-60 off. I would suggest you call a proffessional well man or plumber to help on this task. Also you may have a bad main shut off valve, Good luck on this. Dale Peck LMP

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