Faulty Shower Diverter Valve
Posted by Bob on November 20, 1999 at 20:03:23:
My home's original shower diverter valve became faulty resulting in restricted water flow and banging pipes. I acquired a new valve from Lowe's and found that I could only get the valve (made in Taiwan) to install if I took the valve apart and turned the slotted end piece where the longer hollow stem pointed towards the washer that seal the shower outlet.

The valve performed fine the first 2 days and then the same problem returned. Water flow has decreased in the shower and spout and pipe banging has returned. Further, cold and hot water flow is hard to control.

The valve seems to be a simple device, brass with 2 moving parts (the stem and the slotted diverter). Is it possible that the valve could go bad so quickly or is there a stronger potential the valve looked similar but was not the same as the original?

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