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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on November 20, 1999 at 16:43:36:
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: I would like to install a toilet in my basement. The drain line comes down from the upstairs and goes into the concrete floor. Is there a way I can install a toilet and tap into the line without having to bust up the concrete?

Don keeling, Hope this helps. Dale Peck LMP

Qwik Jon System
The Qwik Jon is a waste-water and sewage removal system that allows the
plumbing contractor to put a toilet or complete bathroom almost anywhere . . .

No need to break concrete or worry about gravity flow to the sewer main.

Installation Is Easy!
Here's What's Included:

Qwik Jon tank, lid & gasket.
2" solids-handling Zoeller-built pump.
Floor Flange Extender Kit with wax rings.
Discharge pipe to lid.
Qwik Jon fittings and hardware.
Step-by-step Installation Instructions.

Model 100 - Sewage Pump Model WM264, .4 HP,
115V, 9.4 AMPS.
Model 102 - Sewage Pump Model WM266, 1/2 HP,
115V, 10.4 AMPS.

From the people who build the most complete line of sewage, dewatering, and
effluent pumping systems in the business . . . Zoeller.

So Many Applications . . .

New Homes
Commercial Buildings
Workshops or Garages
Pool Houses

The Qwik Jon Breaks the Laws of Gravity . . .
Now with the Qwik Jon, water and sewage waste can go uphill, which means you can install a
bathroom almost anywhere! The Qwik Jon pumps in any direction, is very quiet, and is leak-proof and
odorless. Tank and all piping can be hidden. The Qwik Jon can be installed free-standing on any solid
level surface, or the tank and all piping can be hidden behind a wall and under a 2" x 6" subfloor. No
one need ever know it's there. The Qwik Jon is tough, sturdy and designed to be built in.

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