Re: leaking pressure relief valve on hot water furnace
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on November 17, 1999 at 19:13:25:
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: I can't seem to lower my boiler's pressure to below 30 PSI. Every time the heat comes on, the pressure would go right to 30 and the relief valve would crack open and leak. I tried turning the screw on top of my automatic fill valve counter clockwise, but this did not help. What else can I try?(besides bringing in a pro!)

Thien, drain a bucket of water (1 gallon) out of the boiler and see if the guage goes down. If you backed off the screw on the feed valve leave it that way and fire up the boler. If it goes back up to 30 replace the feed valve.It's been a long time since i worked on boilers but this should work. also ofter you drain a bucket of water (1 Gallon) or so and the pressure is down to 12 then shut off the drain and also the valve before the feed valve. fire up the boiler It shold stay at 12-15 lbs. then open up the valve to the feed valve and see if it raises the pressure. Again make sure you have the pressure screw backed off to check this. Bottom line is you may have to replace the pressure reducing feed valve.Hope I helped a little. Dale

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