Re: toliet problem!!
Posted by Terry Love on November 16, 1999 at 13:10:05:
In response to Re: toliet problem!!

: My toliet has a problem: It has to be flushed twice in order to work. The first flush just fills the bowl with water & the second flush (usually) will work. Sometimes, water also bubbles out from the hole when you flush it the first time. Now, the water drains very slowly from the bowl and I'm afraid to use it!

You may have somthing in the trapway of the toilet that needs removal. Plunging, snaking, or using a mirror to look up the drain are good things to try. Sometimes a trip outside for the toilet is needed to get a good look at the lower part of the trapway. Don't set the toilet in the tub while working on it unless you don't mind massive chipping of the porcelain when you bang the two together. Terry

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