Hot Water Pressure.
Posted by Jason Cooper on June 21, 1998 at 13:22:01:
I just bought a home last april and my hot water pressure
was fine. We have a detached cottage that is part of our
property. We have well water coming in to the main property.
and then routed to the cottage. Is it possible that when
doing the plumbing in the cottage the size of the pipes
used could have lessened the hot water pressure thoughout
my home? It is a old home, cira 1942 and the pipe size
used could be 1/2 inch as opposed to 3/4 inch. We put a
pressure booster on the tank but that hasn't changed any
thing. If this is not the answer then what could have
changed the pressure so drastically? Any advice you can
give me would be greatly appreciated.

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