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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on November 11, 1999 at 23:10:11:
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: We bought a home in upstate NY and need to winterize it for the winter. The home is on city water and I need to know how you recommend we winterize it. We will keep heat at 55F throughout the winter months.
: Thanks for any input! Terri

Hi Terri, I used to live upstate NY and It gets cold. First I would shut off the meter (is it in a pit outside?) If so disconnect the meter and let it lay in the pit. Go to your local hardware store and get a setup from garden hase to a 1/4" scrader valve. (like a tire stem) disconnect the washer.put a hose on your water heater and open the hot water to allow air in the lines. put the garden hose setup on the cold of the washer and use a small compressure and blow the line out. After the heater drains do the same on the hot side of the washer.If you keep the house at 55 you shouldn't need to put anything in the traps like anti freeze. Keeping the home at 55deg will insure that nothing should freeze up. Hope this helps. Dale Peck LMP

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