Plumbing behind ceramic tile wall
Posted by Gene S. on November 11, 1999 at 22:44:12:
We have two bathrooms in our house that have commodes that are installed "back to back" with both bathrooms having the full wall covered with ceramic wall tile. I know - that was a bad idea. The second bathroom commode was installed as part of an addition to the house, and the plumber used a short galvanized pipe nipple between the copper tubing that is in the slab and the commode cutoff connection. It is corroding and starting to leak and needs to be replaced. What would you recommend as the easiest way to replace the fitting behind the ceramic tile wall ? Any ideas would be appreciated. Two similar connections in that bathroom were already replaced when the leak turned to a break, but luckily the backside of the plumbing was accessible through a paneled wall on the backside. Ideas are appreciated.

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