No Heat on Second Floor
Posted by Mike on November 08, 1999 at 07:48:26:
This is our first winter in a new house and I can't figure out why there is no heat on the second floor. I drained and re-filled the system and had to re-light the pilot because the furnace wasn't firing correctly. The system is a gas furnace with base-board hot water radiators. There appears to be two zones on the pipes in the basement (i.e. two sets of pipes with valves that can be open and shut) but there is only one thermostat. I've tried to put more water in the system, but the valve on the furnace blows out the old dirty water when I add too much. My next step is to add oil to the pump, it doesn't look too bad but I'm sure the previous owner didn't maintain it very well. Any ideas? Thanks.

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