water supply lines
Posted by linda on November 08, 1999 at 02:05:20:
I am new at this so please be gentle. I have a new kitchen faucet, It has one handle for both hot & cold water. It also has a built in hose that pulls out directly from the tap. I therefor have three supply lines coming from the faucet. Hot,cold and sprayer?
Question is twofold: Can I get those flexible supply
lines and hook up the hot& cold water? I have copper fittings on the main line as well as on the faucet.
They are too short. Second: there are two main lines under the sink, as well as 2 capped off lines Iam assuming these are for a built in dishwasher where does the sprayer hook too? please let me know ASAP
I have a kitchen with no water. Thanks alot

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