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Posted by Moore on November 08, 1999 at 00:52:28:
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Are you talking about pressure piping, or drain piping? If you are talking about the drain lines only and the offset at the trap is where you get massive water, then the repair is simple. Take the drain lines apart again, check them to be sure that they aren't kinked or bent, and apply pipe dope. Pipe dope is a putty like substance that has a greasy base and a grit in it, and is designed to span the small gaps left in drain lines that aren't covered in slip joint connections. Look at last months questions and answers, and you'll find your answer. The alignment of the drainlines is really important, since they are made of soft brass, and flex and bend easily. You may have to rotate the garbage disposal just an eighth of a turn, or straighten the connection lines you set. Since the drains tubes are 1 1/4 inch and they slip into a 1 1/2 inch drain, they require something to stop the 1/4 inch gap between them. They have soft shoulders, and are supplied with soft flat washers to fit insided the connecting nuts. Those flat washers can stop a leak at a flat joint, but if you didn't line them up straight, then they will be pressed too tightly together on one side of the radius, and they'll leave a 1/16 to 1/4 inch gap on the other. When you tighten down on the washers, but the soft tubes are still out of alignment, the nut tension won't close the gap. You'll tighten as hard as you can, until the threads fail, and you'll have to go buy new tubes. Try the plumbers putty at the areas where there aren't any threads but the pipes need to connect. Be liberal with the putty, and wipe it away with a paper towel when you're done.

: Just installed a new kitchen sink. After fitting the new pipes, I get massive water leaking from the where the pipes join. I used pipe dope where ever there were threads. What can I use to tightly seal these joints? especially where the offset pipe enters the trap?

: Thanks for your help

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