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Posted by Moore on November 08, 1999 at 00:20:49:
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You can probably find the material you need at your local plumbing supply store or Home Depot. The wall mounted tank of yesteryear has found new interest, and is readily available as a "take off" of the original. The newer version has piping, gaskets, fittings and washers of newer "high tech" material that will readily mate with the older original. The newer material is brass colored and some has a copper finish, though should be readily easy to find. You could even look at the existing piping to determine what really needs to be repaired and find that a pinhole leak has developed which could be soldered by your local Licensed plumbing contractor.

: You need at least two pieces, a 1 1/4" slip nut flush ell for the back of the bowl, and an offset flush pipe to come down from the tank. That will probably have to be ordered. You can check with some of the specialty stores that deal in the "reto" look, or check with a Kohler fixture dealer, although that will be the expensive way to do it.

: : Where can I find the pipe I need to connect my old copper lined oak tank to it's bowl? The tank hangs on the wall about 5 feet above the bowl. The pipe connects the bottom of the tank to the back of the bowl. Thanks.

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