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Posted by Moore on November 07, 1999 at 23:57:38:
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In new construction, the size of the hole bored in wood support members is determined by the Uniform Building Code (UBC). If you order your builders to modify that hole size, they'll ask you to sign a "Change Order" which you will really regret, if you do it. The plastic piece is designed to prevent contact with the pipe by the wood so that movement and swelling will not cause abrasion upon the pipe and prompt a leak. The sole plate and sill are considered structural weight bearing members and the enlargening of holes weakens their engineered load carrying capacity. This would likely be noted by the Department of Building and Safety, which would send up red flags to the insurance underwriter and bonding agency. A firestop where the penetrations exist in the pantry where it enters a living space can only be utilized as an engineered firestop such as 3M System number W-L 5032 with a 2 hour fire rating, or a product with Underwriters Laboratory rating and approved by your Uniform Fire Code. Structurally, you don't want to increase hole size. As a noise inhibiter you can check with ther Architect to see if you can add the cost of suppression inhibition wall covering, or stacked and staggered studs within the living space areas. You might check the house construction plans and specifications to see if they are called out. It may be too late to try to introduce the changes that cause your concern now, without halting construction, and getting the change orders signed. Take up your valid concerns with the Architect, or the Builder, or the Realtor.

: In my new house (under construction) the plumbers have routed the water lines through an interior kitchen pantry wall (3 1/2 wood). I see that they used slightly oversized holes in a horizontal brace (and that the plate and sill) with plastic pieces that fit around the pipe, slide into the hole making a barrier between pipe and stud. This plastic piece has two ears that get nailed to a horizontal surface.

: I just stumbled across on noise reduction, and based on what I read, it probably would be a good idea to greatly oversize the hole, then use a neoprene filler between the pipe and the wood, and an oversized piece of plastic.

: But, if I had them modify what they have done, will there be any impact on code issues, like, I need a good firestop where these penetrations exist? Does neoprene count as a firestop?

: Can we route plumbing from basement to 2nd floor and minimize noise penetration?

: (Interesting article worth looking at!)

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