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Posted by Moore on November 07, 1999 at 23:35:55:
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They manufacture a 9 inch rough in at American Standard, but they don't advertise it because of the building code requirements. The tank placement atop the bowl requires a 10 inch distance from the back wall finish, to prevent the toilet from leaning, and getting cracked when a person of a heavier weight than 160 pounds sits on it heavily. The dealer asks that you sign a disclaimer and hold harmless agreement when you install it, because it breals the hold down bolt holes in the porcelain base. You can get a stainless steel bowl that has a 9 inch rough in too, but they're usually for high vandalism areas or for jailhouse prison installations, and they're too expensive for residential use. You can use a 10 inch rough in if you indent the wall at the sixteen inch on center wall studs, and make them 24 inch centers, and then recess the tank into the finish wall, and gain your inch that way. Or, I guess it's obvious, you can reset your flange and sewer to fit the 12 inch rough in.

: Has anyone know if you can buy a toilet with a 9 inch
: rough in fit? The only ones I seem to find are 10, 12
: and 14 inch.

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