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Posted by Moore on November 07, 1999 at 23:15:41:
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You have blocked the path of the water from the sill cock or angle stop at the wall, where you shut the water off in the first place to repair the faucet, and the faucet in the sink. How you blocked the water is what needs to be determined. First, turn off the water at the wall sill cock again, and make sure that you have water to the tub and to the toilet. Then remove the hose from the sillcock, and make sure you have water there. (Put a big baggie over the sillcock when you unscrew the hose and open the sillcock a little bit). After you determine you have water at that spot, look at the hose (or maybe its soft copper tube that got kinked in your repair), and make sure thats good. Then remove the faucet handle again and look at your repair, and see if it is possible to screw in the small set screw to the faucet washer some more. Try to turn the water on a little bit again, to be sure you have water to both the hot and cold, at the faucet. If you can't get cold to the faucet, then a piece of rubber or a screw fell into the hose (or tube) and is blocking it. Replace the hose and you should be back in business. If you do get water when the faucet is apart, look at the piece that you repaired a little harder. It isn't tightened enough to allow all the water to pass when you open the handle.

: I have a double wide, and I had a leak in my bedroom bathroom. I took it apart and replaced the broken part in sid of the fausett handle. But now I can not get water when I turn on the fausetts. What did I do wrong? Can you give me one advide on what to do to fix this new problem? D. West

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