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Posted by Moore on November 07, 1999 at 22:52:36:
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Turning the disposer on with the drainplug handle goes to an electric switch that allows power to turn the motor on, be applied. The handle also turns the switch off. Follow the handle under the sink to the disposer. MAKE SURE THE CIRCUIT IS NOT ENERGIZED! If the handle enters a rounded bump on the disposer housing, that is where the electrical switch is located. You'll probably need to remove the disposer to look at the entry spot. The disposer hooks to the dink at the drain with a sliding pressure application lock that only requires a third of a rotational turn to release it. The drain tube from the disposer to the sink drain should be removed first. DONT LOOK IN THERE! You'll never want to repair the thing, if you do. The handle enters the disposer at an area that will allow both an electrical seal and a water seal, so it is going to be difficult to get to the switch. The switch has copper electrical contacts that "make and break" when you turn (or pull) the handle. One of those contacts has probably a deposit of carbon and grease on it, that won't allow the electrical current to pass when you turn it on. If that contact is broken off, you'll need to solder another one on. Are you willing to continue? Your local hardware store or Home Depot sells disposers to replace this at about 20 to 45 dollars. They'll work for years. Your copper solder job on the restricted space of the control switch MIGHT make it through Christmas. OOOHHH can you imagine if it goes out again with TURKEY STUFF in the sink? I guess I should say that there is a slight chance that the electrical reset button on the disposer has popped in the ON position and by pushing it you might acidentally reset it, Nah, that's a long shot.

: Hello,
: I have an emerson disposer in the sink. It's turned on and off with it's drainplug handle. The last time I turned it on it got stuck and kept running. The only way for me to turn it off at that point was to switch off the breaker. I don't even know where to start truoble shooting. Can you offer me some advice?
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: rob

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