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Posted by Moore on November 07, 1999 at 22:29:28:
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The pigment in the tub coloration is differently formulated than the pigment in the tub surround. 15 years was a good amount of time for service, don't you think? You can contact enamel tub painting and repair places to try to save the cost of replacing the tub, but I think if you contact three LICENSERD plumbers in the area, you'll find the painting cost won't be justified, next to the replacement cost.

: We have a fiberglass tub purchased from Sears about 15 years ago. Since then the white tub has turned a light tan color inside and out except for a small area in the bottom which has renained white. A fiberglass surround, not Sears, installed at the same time is fine. The tub does receive the morning sun for a couple of hours. Any hope of restoring to the original white or must it be replaced??? Thanks...

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