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Posted by Moore on November 07, 1999 at 21:28:50:
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The tank can leak into the bowl every so often if the fill tube thinks it needs to dump more flush water into the bowl, and sends it through the overflow tube. Sometimes you can bend the float ball connection rod a little bit to cause the float ball to sit a little deeper in the water. This bending will cause the ball to sit deeper in the already filled tank, but once you flush the tank contents into the bowl, the tank will refill, and the float ball will be on top of the water level (but the water level will be lower, because of your bending of its connection rod). Another reason the bowl might fill from time to time is because not the ball, but the flapper valve is leaking. Thats the valve (flapper) that has the chain connected to it which is lifted when you use the flush handle. The flapper can sometimes be cleaned by simply wiping it while the flush water continually runs out, then pushing the flapper back into place, and see if that solved the problem. If it didn't you can replace it easily enough. If you REALLY want to find parts for a Bolton you can contact the Cleveland Wrecking Company (Maybe they aren't in Cleveland anymore) (but they're still in the Los Angeles area). They demolish old buildings but they keep the neat stuff like gold fixtures and brass wall tanks and moulding and Victorian House doors and posts and gingerbread and goodies. They'll have a Bolton or two IF you really need it. But they'll be expensive too. You can probably find newer tank flappers that will fit at Hardware or Home Depot.

: Just purchased a house built in 1927, with two 'Bolton' white commodes. One leakes
: in to the bowl and keeps taking on water every so often. We purchased a ball, but that
: did not solve the problem.

: How to we find parts for a 'Bolton'? In the Cleveland, Ohio area??

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