tankless water heater
Posted by michel on November 07, 1999 at 16:18:08:
We will be adding a whirpool tub that requires between 71-90 gallons for use in the near future. We
would like to take that opportunity to replace our 15 year old water heater (50 gal., natural gas) with something new.

Going to the local Home Depot I notice a tankless water heater from Bosch along with the basic tank water heater.

What are the +/- or moving to a tankless? We are family of 4, 2 teenagers, with 2 1/2 bath .
Since our current heater has survive all these years without maintenance I would assume that the
water is not extremely hard :).

What are the advantages of staying with a "tank" system if we move up to 75 gallons vs moving to a bosch 125?

Thanks for the inputs on this.

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