You had me going!
Posted by Mary Anne Ferrell on November 06, 1999 at 05:12:18:
I nearly bought it! I could relate to the part about being a "tweaker," someone who has to make it 'just a little better.'

I tuned in to your sight because I have some on-going projects in my 54 year-old cottage style home (which I wouldn't dream of trading for something 'new,' with no character and no 'voice' of its own. And I don't want to make it look new, just ... better.

I was afraid people would think I was crazy, saying my house 'tells' me what it needs ... until I read someone else say the same thing in the editorial section of a remodeler's magazine, but I think you could understand.

What a practical combination! A "writer" in the plumbing trades! I could go the "clap hands and clutter disappears" routine, though. Let me know if you work all the bugs out of that one!

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