Good plumbing practices and noise reduction?
Posted by DavidH on November 05, 1999 at 20:52:55:
In my new house (under construction) the plumbers have routed the water lines through an interior kitchen pantry wall (3 1/2 wood). I see that they used slightly oversized holes in a horizontal brace (and that the plate and sill) with plastic pieces that fit around the pipe, slide into the hole making a barrier between pipe and stud. This plastic piece has two ears that get nailed to a horizontal surface.

I just stumbled across on noise reduction, and based on what I read, it probably would be a good idea to greatly oversize the hole, then use a neoprene filler between the pipe and the wood, and an oversized piece of plastic.

But, if I had them modify what they have done, will there be any impact on code issues, like, I need a good firestop where these penetrations exist? Does neoprene count as a firestop?

Can we route plumbing from basement to 2nd floor and minimize noise penetration?

(Interesting article worth looking at!)

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