Re: Squealing Pipes
Posted by peter on November 04, 1999 at 14:41:23:
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: On an irregular basis, when a tap is used, a high pitched squealing, whining type of noise is heard throughout
: the house. Sometimes it goes away when you quickly run a tap (either hot or cold) and then shut it off,
: but not always. It seems to be getting worse. The only "cure" for it right now is to flush the toilet, but
: this could get expensive if we have to keep flushing to stop the whining. It has progressively gotten worse
: over the past two months and it happens at least once per day. There doesn't seem to be a particular
: faucet that starts it off, and sometimes it just does it all by itself.

: Any suggestions on where to start??

hi donna; first check if your home has a regulater . that is a device that is put on your water system before it enters your home. it may be failing. if not let me know.

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