difference in thread sizes/types
Posted by J. Lee on November 03, 1999 at 10:26:08:
I'm trying to hook up my washing machine to the 1/2" copper supply pipes. I would like to have a valve connected as well. Simple question is: Is there a difference in the male thread used for a "garden hose" type connection - 3/4" I believe (i.e. the washer's hose has a female garden hose thread) or a "standard" 3/4" male thread. I would like to use a fitting which transitions from the 1/2" copper (sweat joint) to a 3/4" male thread. I've tried the hose on it and it screws in, but visually, it looks slightly different than the garden hose male thread. So, i'm wondering if they are interchangeable.

Thanks for a great website.

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