Re: damaged faucet valve seat
Posted by hj on October 31, 1999 at 21:35:11:
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The best action is to call a good plumber, before the seat is damaged still more. Right now it still may be removeable, but if it is damaged further, that might not be the case. you will not be able to get into the body to braze anything onto it, and if you could, the heat would probably seal it tighter.

: Dear Terry,

: One of the compression faucets in my shower has a valve seat in which the notched interior (the area normally adapted to a valve seat wrench) is gone - probably due to poor original installation. I'm left with a nearly smooth interior & a very stuck seat. The faucet is leaking due to a damaged seat surface. In addition, a close elbow just beyond the seat makes the use of standard seat wrenches impossible. Any suggestions?

: P.S. Great site!!

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