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Posted by Moore on October 31, 1999 at 20:44:08:
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Kansas City frost level depth is 30 inches below the surface. The supply is regulated by the Uniform Plumbing Code as a computation of the number of "Fixture Units" in your house, although if the Water company provides a 3/4 inch water meter, you are safe using a 3/4 inch supply line. 3/4 inch galvanized iron pipe is commonly used, as well as 3/4 inch copper supply. The meter is generally set into an access vault that is 18 inches deep. You are well advised to connect to the meter at the eighteen inch depth, then add a shut off valve on your property side, then a union, then a ninety degree bend and go down four feet, then another ninety, and run to the house at that same depth. We all know KC gets cold enough to freeze your service at 30 inches, and you don't want that. Some people are concerned about the amount of lead in the solder of copper sweat piping, and they specify "lead free" solder. Some people are concerned about the copper leaching out of copper piping, especially at the water heater connection.

: Ed:--You need to get it below the frost line in your area. Your local Water department or Building Dept. would have good info in that area.
: Lots of luck...Bud

: What is the correct type,size and depth to bury water supply line from main water line to house in the
: : kansas city ,mo area?

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