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Posted by Moore on October 31, 1999 at 20:04:58:
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You can try to save the valve and repair the faucet washer seat by using what is called an "easy out" in the stripped out area where the hex shaped whench flats were, but you'll probably crack the valve. You could try to have a welder braze a raised face onto the seat, and grind it down (that is if the valve is brass, and not plastic). You could try to stuff a fatter softer washer into the place of the worn out washer, but you'll be replacing it every three to nine months. You could try calling a Licensed plumber, and benefit from the experience and knowledge. If you really are determined to fix it yourself, you probably need to remove the faucet set, and replace it with new. If you want follow up information on how to do that, e-mail me at

: : Dear Terry,

: : One of the compression faucets in my shower has a valve seat in which the notched interior (the area normally adapted to a valve seat wrench) is gone - probably due to poor original installation. I'm left with a nearly smooth interior & a very stuck seat. The faucet is leaking due to a damaged seat surface. In addition, a close elbow just beyond the seat makes the use of standard seat wrenches impossible even if the interior was not stripped. Any suggestions?

: : P.S. Great site!!

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