Re: Converting to floor mount from wall mount toilet?
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on October 31, 1999 at 07:47:31:
In response to Re: Converting to floor mount from wall mount toilet?
Frank:--Your post wasn't clear as to wheather the toilet in question is a wall hung or back outlet type. In most instances these types are used because of some inability to provide traditional drainage lines from beneath the fixture.
Getting the advise of a qualified carpenter before attempting to retro-fit the plumbing to accomodate a standard water closet combo could save a lot of greif.
Pretty near anything is possible in the installation of plumbing fixtures, but it also can be quite a financial investment.
The proper reinstallation of your existing toilet by a qualified plumber using a resilient type seal might be the best solution to your problem. Lots of luck....Bud.

After a leak caused water damage in our upstairs b.r. we are contemplating going to a floor mount toilet.

: Is this a practical move since wall mounts are difficult to find and costly?

: We are remodeling the bathroom anyway and will have the floor replaced. I was thinking I could cut the Y-fitting out and y underneath floor. Presently it is a 4" brass or copper drain and I thing I could run PVC drain fitting to toilet from main septic drain.

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