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Posted by Moore on October 31, 1999 at 01:29:27:
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The dampness smell is mold and mildew buildup that is because of a lack of sunlight to kill it or the lack of adequate ventilation to dry it out as a natural dehumidifier. The crawl space at twenty four inches is adequate, but the size and number of vents providing fresh naturally circulating air may be a problem. If you can't add vents, are you able to increase the size of the vents, especially in the area closest to where water concentrates? If not, you could purchase a powered fan which you can place at the closest to the water area, and turn that on top help naturally dry the earth. A vapor barrier is a series of sheets of polyethelene plastic that prevent the water vapor from rising into the living area. Is there a way that you can re-route the rain water so that it drains around the crawlspace, rather than entering it?

: When it rains the crawl space (which is about 24 inches high) gets some water but dries in a few days. The problem is the dampness smell goes into our bedroom because the door leading to crawlspace is in the linen closet, which is close by. I currently have three vents in the garage and one window under the deck, which gives some ventilation. Should I add some more vents in the garage or install a dehumidifier in the crawlspace. My wife gave you only part of the probem that we have. You mentioned a vapor barrior, could you please explain? Thanks for your help!!

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