Re: kitchen faucets cut off
Posted by Moore on October 31, 1999 at 01:14:33:
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The kitchen faucet is getting too much pressure to it. Just under the sink are two pipes and two valves that control the flow and pressure. One is for hot, the other for cold. Turn them clockwise to close them. Turn on the hot water faucet, and see if water comes out. If not, leave the faucet open, and open the valve under the sink just a quarter turn, or half a turn. Then do the same to the other faucet. The internal rubber valves in the kitchen sink are getting squashed under so much pressure, and when you open the tub faucets at the same time, pressure is reduced at the kitchen, and that makes the kitchen faucets usable.

: When I turn the hot or cold water on in my kitchen, it runs for only a split second then cuts off. If I turn the water on in the bathroom, I can then get a steady stream of water in the kitchen. (I also have a sprayer in the kitchen that stopped spraying quite a while back, but when I kinked the hose on the sprayer, the same thing happens, I can then get a steady stream of water) Only the kitchen hot/cold is doing this. Is this something I can repair myself?

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