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Posted by Moore on October 31, 1999 at 01:06:34:
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The heat supplied is live steam, composed of air and super heated water compressed into the pipeline, and pumped to your radiator. Once the radiator openness is encountered, the compressed steam is allowed to expand at an exponentially increasing rate, which displaces air and colder (not so hot) water in the radiator. Just before the steam enters the radiator, it passes a shut off valve, and an expansion relief valve. Turn off the valve to that banging radiator, remove the expansion valve, and soak it overnight in vinegar. Rinse and replace it, and turn on the steam. Does it still bang, but not as bad? If so you have a hard water calcium deposit built up in the radiator, and it captures air in pockets that are irregularly being displaced by hot steam. You could try to clean the radiator with vinegar (or hard water calcium deposit remover [or muriatic acid]) but a wiser bet is to look for a replacement radiator.

: Q: I live in a building that is supplied with hot water heat. When the heat is coming on, one of my
: radiators makes a noise as though someone were hitting it with a sledgehammer. This only occurs in
: one radiator, not the next one over (roughly 20ft away). Any suggestions on how to combat this
: noise?

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