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Posted by Moore on October 30, 1999 at 23:48:53:
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Do you know where the air pressure regulator tank is for the well water? Is it in the house or outside? If its inside the house, can you hear the difference in the tank from the well pumping water into the tank, and the air diaphragm spring? When the tank lets water out of the faucets, its pressure is boosted by an air diaphragm inside the tank that expands as water is expelled. There is an electric soleniod that makes a springy clank kind of a noise that causes the air pump to provide more air to the diaphragm (providing more air pressure expansion, which in turn provides more water pressure. If you hear that electric solenoid operating more frequently than it has been in the past, then it probably signifies that the diaphragm is leaking air past it, and is introducing air into your water. Look at the label plate on the pressure regulator tank, and write down the manufacturer, model, serial, and gallons per hour numbers. Look at Sears or Wards or Home Depot for the same tank and its prices. Then contact the manufacturer on line, and get a local dealer and check that price. Your problem is probably the diaphragm, but you can't get to it because its welded into the construction of the tank.

: I have air spurting through my lines throuout the time the water is on. The water doesn't contain sediment. I have a well, and the pumps age is unknown. (could this be my well?
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