condition when a toliet vent (in basement) is not needed ?
Posted by p reiter on June 17, 1998 at 15:24:03:

i just had several plumbing things done to my basement
in preparation for remodeling. i had a plumber rough-in
the work for a new bathroom - shower, toliet, sink. because
the main sewer line was within 6 inches of the new toliet,
my plumber insisted that an additional vent (run outside
my house and up to the roof) was NOT,
knowing essentially nothing about this, i believed him (he
seems like an excellent guy with great recommendations)..
was this OK ? i have reviwed some "code" info on the net,
but there was not any comment about conditions that preclude the
need for a toliet vent. i have one bathroom upstairs.

thanks for your input,

pam reiter

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