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Posted by hj on October 30, 1999 at 10:03:34:
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The esxpansion tank will not solve a high pressure problem. It is often needed if you install a pressure reducing valve to limit the pressure and the water expansion from heating it has other way to be relieved except to open the relief valve. Check the relief valve tag to see if it is set for 125 or 150 pounds. The reason the old heater did not have the problem is that the valve was probably corroded and could not open. That is a common situation with relief valves and the reason they should be tested at least yearly.

: Had a new Rheem (40gal) installed in July. Lately noticed some leaking from relief valve. Now the guy who installed it says I may need to add an expansion tank on the water heater because of high water pressure. Never had this problem on the old water heater and the guy never told me up front about this. Is this true about the new water heater on the market?

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